To develop the human capital through skill development, advanced education and research to respond to the knowledge-based society of the contemporary world.


To improve the quality of professional life through need-based education, training and research with global perspective.

Core Values:

Integrity : Highest ethical and moral uprightness. Discipline : Strict discipline in all activities. Creativity : Creativity in all spheres. Commitment : High quality academic standards. Wisdom : Enhanced education and research.


To develop intellectual and practical expertise. To provide the best possible academic atmosphere. To preserve the spirit of national culture, heritage and traditions. To facilitate highereducation. To prepare the Faculty and Staff with necessary competencies. To deliver competent professionals relevant to the demands of the society. To sustain collaborative relationships with communities and educational partners. To provide efficient services to support programs, community and quality of life.

Meet Our Managing Director & CEO Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Zahid

Timex Academy Chairman

Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Zahid, also known as Sourav Al Zahid is a young entrepreneur. He has creative and leadership attitude since his childhood. He is an ex – cadet of Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protishthan BKSP which is the only Sports-based educational institute in Bangladesh. He started his career in aviation industry as a Trainee Commercial Pilot but he switched his career as an entrepreneur in 2015. He is flying high with his entrepreneurial dreams, not with aircraft only. He is trying to contribute to the society through his entrepreneurial initiatives and social activities. He received Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from University of Georgia, Master of Business Administration (MBA) from European University EurAka Switzerland and Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) from University Institute for International and European Studies Netherlands. He is a visiting lecturer and facilitator of Warsaw Management University and Swiss School of Management. Timex Academy is an initiative of Mr. Zahid to provide necessary services to ensure educational improvements and skill development in Bangladesh. He is the founder of Timex Group which has business concerns internationally.

Our Center:

Timex Academy has its own center with International standard well-equipped class rooms which is located at prime location in Dhaka.


Our Programs:

IELTS Preparation Classes:

Ielts preparation classes
Ielts preparation classes

Hospitality Management Classes:

Digital Marketing & Graphics Design Classes:







Event Management